Quirky - NFT, Token & Blockchain WCFM Marketplace WordPress Theme (Nulled) 1.6

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Quirky - NFT, Token & Blockchain WCFM Marketplace WordPress Theme (Nulled)

Quirky - NFT, Token & Blockchain WCFM Marketplace WordPress Theme (Nulled)​

This outstanding version provides a wide range of features and improvements. The features list exceeds the possibilities beyond all the previous features and all other plugins on the marketplace. We have introduced platform fees/listing fees, that allow you to allowed to earn from your smart contracts and marketplace. Royalties, which empowers users to earn lifetime royalties from their NFTs. Withdraw button to withdraw balance from contract to his wallet directly.

SmartNFT is a WordPress plugin focused on creating a fully functional NFT marketplace with enhanced control panels and designs. Creating an NFT was never an easy task, especially when it comes to using WordPress. As more than 55% of websites are using WordPress nowadays, we planned to make such a thing that enables users more effectively to create an NFT marketplace without coding knowledge.

The motive for making Smart NFT is to create a fully functional NFT marketplace website that is compatible with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards and also supports auctions. We have worked for the last 1 year with full fledge development team working all day and night to make this plugin more meaningful, functional, creative, and intuitive. We are trying to make this plugin more efficient yet and hopefully, we will bring more features in the future. We are not only focusing on UX / UI but also on main functionality to make it up to the mark.

Smart NFT is a features-rich NFT Marketplace plugin to create your own NFT marketplaces. Thanks to web3, reactjs & etherjs for building Smart NFT features rich and flexible for users.

  • Mint/Create NFT: Smart NFT allows users to Mint an NFT on a deployed smart contract.
  • Deploy and Manage Smart Contracts: Deploying your smart contract with Smart NFT is easier and hassle-free. Deploy your smart contracts with Smart NFT-supported blockchain networks in a minute.
  • Predefined Smart Contracts Networks: Put on sale: Users who buy NFTs from your Smart NFT marketplace can again put them on sale paying specific gas fees
  • Remove from sale: Users who created or minted an NFT can put down their NFT from sale and make it not available for sale
  • Free Minting / Lazy minting: Free/lazy minting is a feature integrated into SmartNFT which enables users to create their NFT free(without a gas fee). And the gas fee is paid by the buyer who buys that NFT.
  • Unlockable Content: Unlockable contents are links/texts/paragraphs that are created during minting an NFT and which is seen only by the current owner.
  • Likes: Shows like counts for an NFT created in a single instance by a wallet address.
  • Sharing: Sharing NFT on different platforms and copy links.
  • Owners and Creators: This Shows the creator of the NFT and the current owner of it
  • All NFT Page: Shows all of the NFTs in the current active contracts with intuitive filters
  • Enhanced NFT filters
  • Media Types: Smart NFT supports SVG, PNG, JPEG, and WEBP image formats
  • Resell an NFT
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Owners public profile page: Shows a profile against a wallet address
  • Profile Edit: Owers can edit their profile from front end without login to wp-admin.
  • Profile Social icons: Shows social icons of a profile.
  • Profile Collections: Shows all NFTs of a profile purchased by that owner
  • Price + Crypto coin icon
  • Metamask: Log in and authenticate with Metamask wallet. Changing in wallet address makes changes in pages.
  • Shortcodes: to display NFTs anywhere you want.
  • Robust Settings Panel: Use Smart NFTs’ robust settings panel to manage your site effectively
  • Multilingual (via Loco Translate or WPML).
  • Easy to manage and Update.
  • Online Documentation.

Changelog & Update History​

= Version 1.6.1 : 25th November 2022 =

  • FIX – Fixed double image in single nft in case of audio files.
  • FIX – Fixed alternate preview issue in 3d files.
= Version 1.6.0 : 24th November 2022 =

  • NEW – Dark version: Added dark version of the plugin and dark and light version switcher in the settings page
  • NEW – 3D Models – Added GLB and GLTF support for NFT media upload.
  • FIX – Single NFT likes – Fixed single NFT likes/love issues that was in the previous version.
  • FIX – Collection social profiles..
  • FIX – NFT upload size in Media and uploads.
  • FIX – Minor styling issues.
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